Math, Physics & Chemistry.


Isaac is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Structural Engineering at Tongji University, Shanghai. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the UPC in Barcelona. In addition, he also did the Baccalaureate in Science and Technology, graduating with honors.

Isaac has more than three years of experience in private tutoring. He is an expert in teaching math, physics, and chemistry at all levels.

Our Tutors in China




English, Chemistry & Biology


Roeland has a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Fudan University, he also has a Master in Chemistry from University of Amsterdam and the certification of Teaching English as a First Language (TEFL).


Roeland is currently teaching A-level and IGCSE level chemistry in Shanghai Cambridge International Centre and Shanghai experimental School. With more than 1,200 hours of teaching experience in China at high school level. He also has taught English at several academies in Shanghai such as Wall Street English and English Town.

Roeland has published four academic papers in English, therefore he is the right tutor for those students who want to improve their essay writting skills as well as those students looking for extra help in science subjects.

Mandarin Chinese & English


Su has a master’s degree in teaching Chinese to non-native speakers from East China Normal University. She also has a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Penn State University in the USA. Because of her excellent academic performance, she has been awarded multiple scholarships, most of them from the USA.

Su is one of our top-rated tutors for Mandarin and English. Her tutoring experience includes teaching Chinese to high school students at Hunter College in New York, being a Chinese Teaching Assistant at Penn State, and being an English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher at J.P. McCaskey High School in the USA.

Math, Chemistry and Physics

Nicolas is studying his master’s in Civil Engineering at Tongji University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Harbin Engineering University. Nicolas is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese and has broad experience in tutoring students from different backgrounds and academic levels.


Nicolas has more than three years of experience tutoring Math, Chemistry and Physics at Middle school, IGCSE, AP and IB levels.



Math, Physics, Biology & Chemistry


Tim holds a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Bristol University, UK; He is currently working as a hydraulic engineer for an aero-engine company.


Tim is one of our veterans tutors He has vast tutoring expericence with international students. He has previously tutored IB physics (HL & SL), AP physics, IB chemistry ( SL), IB Biology, IB Math as well as IGCSE sciences. 

Math & Physics

Iulia has a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Cambridge. She also has a master’s degree in Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics from the Paris Observatory and a bachelor’s in Physics (Cum Laude) from Turin, Italy.


As a university student and later as a PhD, Lulia has tutored both high school students as well as university undergraduates in Maths, Physics, and Astronomy for more than four years. She has also tutored IGCSE & IB Math (Studies, SL & HL) and IGCSE & IB Physics (SL & HL). Lulia is the perfect tutor for students who want ace even the toughest subjects of Math & Physics.


Business, Economics & Math


Aly is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics at New York University Shanghai. He is originally from Pakistan, but he lived in New York City from age 10-15 and completed elementary and middle school there.

Aly completed the British High School system in Pakistan. He did his A-levels in Accounting, Economics, Business Studies & Mathematics, and O-levels in Physics, Chemistry, & Computer Science. He has more than two years of experience in tutoring English, Mathematics, and other social science subjects.


English & Computer Science

Khyati has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from a top engineering institution in India. She also has a Certificate of Achievement in English Honors from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Thanks to her excellent writing skills, her articles have been published in Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Harvard Business Review, China Daily, Shanghai Daily.

Khyati has over three years of experience in teaching Computer Science at IGCSE and IB levels as well as English speaking, reading and writing up to university level.

SAT & Business

Shandy holds an MBA from Monterrey Institute of International Studies in California. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Shandy has a year of experience preparing students for the SAT. She has also worked with several well-known English training institutions, preparing students for TOEFL tests.

Shandy also has experience in tutoring IB Business (SL & HL) and IGCSE Business. Her background as an MBA makes her a perfect fit for those who want to achieve excellence in Business Studies.

Math & Physics

Esther has a Master’s degree in Architecture (graduating with honors) from Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has over nine years (2 in Shanghai) of experience tutoring students from the primary level up to University.


Esther can tutor all levels of Math including IGCSE Math and IB Math HL/SL, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics SL and Spanish. She likes to motivate her students and to increase their interest as much as possible, working together to reach their goals.



Nare is pursuing a PhD in Psychology at Shanghai Normal University. She also holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology from the same university.

Nare has experience tutoring IB Psychology (HL & SL) as well as AP Psychology. She is proficient in English, Chinese, and Russian.



Math, Chemistry and Physics


Gerard is pursuing a master’s degree in  Structural Engineering at Tongji University, Shanghai. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the UPC in Barcelona (GPA: 9.4 out of 10).

Gerard also has an IB Diploma with Math HL and Chemistry HL as his best grades. As a former IB student, Gerard has profound knowledge of the grading styles, mark schemes, Internal Assessments, and Extended Essays. Gerard has more than three years of experience in private tutoring. He is an expert at teaching Math (HL), Physics (HL), and Chemistry (HL).

Li Zhang
Business, Economics and Math

Li recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a postgraduate degree in Chinese Politics and International Relations. She also received First Class Honours from the University of York, a Russell Group top tier UK university, with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Li taught business and economics to international students at the University of Oxford and has since tutored many bright students in the subjects of Business and Economics, leading them to attain A / A* grade, at both GCSE and A Level. 


Li grew up in China and moved to the UK at age 10 to continue her education. She has been mentoring students about focusing on their academic and professional growths since 2011 and is passionate about helping high achieving students reach their maximum potential.



Lory is studying for a master's degree in Transportation Planning from Jiaoting University. She also holds a bachelor's in Industrial Engineering from ITESM, Mexico. When she was studying her bachelor degree, she was the top student in her class for five semesters and she graduated with honors. Due to her excellent performance in high school and college, she has earned five different scholarships, including two full scholarships.


Lory has three years of experience tutoring math, she is particularly good for middle school programs (MYP and IGCSE).


Math, Biology & Chemistry


Fatima is studying medicine at Tongji University.


Even at her young age Fatima has vast experience in private tutoring. She has previously tutored Math, Chemistry and Biology at the highschool level. She has 4 years of experience tutoring students from primary level up to high school. In Shanghai Fatima has tutored: IB Math SL, IB Chemistry SL & HL, AP Chemistry, IB Biology HL & SL and all the sciences for IGCSE.


Fatima can speak fluently Spanish, English and Arabic plus basic French.




Maria holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Teaching Education as well as a bachelor's in Pedagogy and Social Education. Maria studied in an international school in Spain where she took Spanish HL and achieve a 7.


Marias has more than two years of experience as a Spanish language teacher; She also has more than three years of experience in private tutoring Spanish for all levels. Her previous work experience covers: remedial classes for students, educational guidance for students and educational and reinforcement.


As a certified secondary teacher Maria is the perfect fit for those who want to learn Spanish as a second language.

Math, Physics and Chemistry


Albert is studying for his master’s in Structural Engineering at one of the most prestigious universities in China. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from UPC in Barcelona, Spain.


Albert has two years of experience in tutoring Math, Physics and Chemistry to middle and high school students. He is an expert in explaining complex concepts in simple ways therefore he is a perfect fit for those students that are struggling with new math and science topics.

When choosing a tutor, our priority is education credentials but we also ensure that the tutor is able to develop an understanding with the student, has an approachable personality, is compatible with the profile of the student, and is committed to fulfill the length of the program.

If you are looking for a tutor with great personality, experience tutoring in China, excellent life habits, and someone who can be a role model for your child, then you are in the right place.

Computer Science

Sean has a Master degree in Computer System Engineering and a Master degree in Embedded and Intelligent Systems from Hamlstad University, Sweden.


Sean has more than three years of experience as an IT trainer, he has taught 764 students from three major Telecommunication companies in Sweden and China.





Math and Physics


Valentine is in the last year of her bachelor in Applied Physics (top three of the class). She has perfect grades in courses such as: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Electrodynamics, Atom Physics and Thermodynamics.


Due to the ease she has with mathematics and physics, Valentine has been tutoring junior students at her university in diverse math subjects including GMAT. Valentine is the perfect fit for young students that are finding math and physics challenging.





Math and Computer Science

Ahmed is currently studying at NYU Shanghai, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business. He completed middle school and the first year of high school education from the International School of Brussels in Belgium, where he completed the IB. Math SL and computer science were his best grades.


Ahmed is also web developer aficionado and experienced in languages like HTML, PHP and CSS.


Jess has a bachelor in Bachelor of Arts in Education with Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of San Francisco.


Jess is an expert on educating young kids and she has more than 5 years of experience teaching kids and teen agers. Her previous experience includes: teaching about the structure and content of the English language, including proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure; Present standard American English language clearly and serve as a linguistic model for students; Interact in a friendly and patient manner with students from different cultural backgrounds, students of all levels of language proficiency.

Jess is a perfect fit for young and active students that would like to learn English in a funny and easy way.


Marin has a Teaching English as First Language certificate from Columbia University in the US. She also has a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate from the University of Cambridge in the UK.


Marin worked for 3 years as a foreing teacher at Disney English Shanghai, where her main duties included: Providing highly engaging and effective learning experience to children between 3-12 years old; Used immersive learning techniques such as storytelling, singing dialogue and role-play; Demonstrated ability in creating solution orientated trainings and projects.

Due to her vast experience in teaching at classrooms and on one to one private tutoring, Marin is the perfect fit for those students looking to improve their english language skills.


Brittany has a bachelor in education from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She is also a memeber of the Ontario College of Teachers and the British Columbia Teachers Association.


Before coming to Shanghai Brittany worked as a grade 2 & grade 5 teacher at Stonecrest Public School Ottawa, Canada. She also worked as a High school English & Drama and teacher at the Canada Chengdu ShiShi Secondary School.

Brittany is an expert on teaching children by creating a positive experience for students thru implementing various teaching methods and to coordinate with other teachers to work on interdisciplinary units.

History, Geography & English Language and Literature

Ravi has a Bachelor of Arts with Major in History and minor in Geography from the University of California, USA.


Before coming to Shanghai worked for 6 years as a World History and Geography teacher at the International School of San Francisco. He also worked as a High school English & Literature teacher at the Rhombus School of Language in San Francisco.

Ravi is a personable and dynamic International School Teacher with 10 years of experience teaching. Motivated to help students learn in a natural and effortless manner..


Math, Chemistry, Biology & Physics

Hajar is a third-year student of medicine at Tongji University.


Hajar has plenty of experience in private tutoring. She has previously tutored Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at middle school and high school level. She has 3 years of experience tutoring students from primary level up to high school. In Shanghai, Hajar has tutored: IGCSE Math, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Biology and all the sciences for IB at standard level.


Hajar can speak fluently English, French, and Arabic.