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  • Algebra & Pre Algebra

  • IGCSE Math

  • IB Math (studies, HL, SL)

  • Geometry & Trigonometry

  • Basic Math

  • AP Calculus

  • AP Probability & Statistics

  • IB Chemistry (HL, SL)

  • IGCSE Chemistry

  • IB Physics (HL, SL)

  • AP Physics

  • IGCSE Physics

  • Physical Science


  • IGCSE Physics

  • IGCSE Biology

  • IB Biology (HL, SL)

  • Environmental Science


  • IB Economics (HL, SL)

  • IGCSE Economics

  • IB Business and Management (HL, SL)

  • IB History (HL, SL)

  • IGCSE History

  • English

  • Chinese

  • Spanish

  • Korean

  • SAT: Overview

  • SAT: Critical Reading

  • SAT: Mathematics

  • SAT: Writing

  • Standardized Math: GRE, ACT, PSAT

Our Subjects:

  • We focus not only on grade improvement, but also in better study habits in order to achieve a long term improvement. 


  • Our tutoring system is dynamic, engaging, and can provide you with the tools and confidence to succeed academically.


  • In choosing our tutors, we have a rigorous selection process in which we not only look for great credentials, but also stellar personalities. 


  • We create a customized program specifically designed to address your specific strengths and weaknesses. By taking into consideration each student’s needs, we can ensure the highest level of information retention during tutoring sessions. shanghai math tutors, shanghai ib tutors, shanghai science tutors, shanghai tutors, shanghai physics tutors, shanghai ib math tutors, shanghai igcse tutors, shanghai expat tutors, shanghai business ib tutors, shanghai economics tutors , shanghai ib economic tutors, shanghai expat tutors, shanghai ib business tutors



  • Homework support 24/7

  • Progress Report for parents

  • Time Management and Answering techniques

  • Discipline and Study methods

  • Flexibility to use the hours booked for different subjects

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