What Parents need to know


Studies prove that tutoring helps students in different situations:


  • Improve grades and achieve academic excellence.

  • Students who lack organization, study methods, and time management skills.

  • Help with a particular subject (for instance math or science).

  • To ace extended essays or internal assignments.

  • Students transitioning from one school (country) to another.



Particularly IB and AP students


The IB and AP are demanding and time-consuming programs, but they are also crucial to your son or daughter's future. Good grades on IB or AP from an international school in Thailand will be highly considered in the college applications.


It is essential for all IB and AP students to take tutoring sessions because this will help them to master all subjects, ace all assignments, improve their grades, write better college applications and as a result obtain acceptances from universities.

At Tutors in Thailand, an independent and successful student is our guarantee!

At Tutors in Thailand we are happy to take responsibility in helping your son/daughter to become a top performer at school.


While many other tutoring programs only scratch the surface of a student’s underlying issue, here at Tutors in Thailand we will do more than put a bandage on the problem.  Our exclusive Tutor Aid programs will get to the bottom of the issue and fix it for good! This allows the student to become independent and achieve successful results in school.


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